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Yoga in Thailand by Heather Murphy

The stunning island featured in the movie, “The Beach,” does exist and is more than just a playground for Leonardo DiCaprio and his lovers. Phi Phi, as it is called, draws thousands of non-stars every year who are looking to expand their yoga repertoire on its perfectly white sandy shores.

Perched beneath palm trees and limestone cliffs is Yoga Traveller’s retreat center where visitors from across the world gather to meditate, practice yoga and eat communal meals.

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The Independent

You have to be a right poseur on a holiday to Gozo by Lauren Booth

It’s mum’s turn to decide where to go for the family’s summer break. Get ready to make some shapes, says Lauren Booth

On the ferry from Malta to Gozo I had time to ponder how my family would cope with a holiday that was all about me. A Yogatraveller break, essentially a yoga course in an exotic location, does not allow for husbandly hangovers. Nor, as it turned out, would sleep-ins be part of the package.

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Outdoor Sports and Adventure Travel

Rock climbing, hiking and yoga in a mountain retreat by Sarah Sterling

WHERE: Samoens, France
ACTIVITY: Rock climbing, hiking and yoga
TOTAL TIME: 3 days or more
DIFFICULTY: Yogatraveller cater for all levels
LOOK OUT FOR: Tree pose, a top mountain guide and lemon tart

If you generally return from a holiday or weekend break in need of another one then, like me, you’re probably guilty of adventure binging. Help is at hand: Ireland-based Michelle Riordan’s ‘Yogatraveller’ holidays are being hailed as the perfect therapy for outdoor over-enthusiasts. Designed to offer a balanced diet of relaxing yoga and outdoor pursuits, the concept is this: yoga teacher ‘hosts’ live on-site in beautiful guest lodges from Ireland to the Alps, Morocco to Thailand. Yoga kick-starts each day with muscle stretching and mind focus, restorative yoga and meditation wind things down at each day’s end and, in between, you sample the local adventure options at your own whim – perhaps rock-climbing and hiking, surfing or skiing.

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I Village

Sun, sea and stretch: yoga for hedonistic hens by Caroline Virr

Yoga techniques

Keira teaches a mix of Ashtanga and Hatha yoga, which includes poses (asanas), breath control (pranayama) and meditation. The aim is to bring the body to a perfect state of health and stillness, thus achieving heightened awareness. It is believed that the regular practice of asanas will make the body strong, supple and healthy.
I was very sceptical I would actually be bendier by the end of the week but, as Keira promised, I did actually feel a distinct improvement in my flexibility by day six. In other words, for the first time in my life I could comfortably touch my toes.

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Souking up the sunshine in Morocco

In a break from his usual all-action, energetic getaways, Darragh McCullough stretched and chilled out on a yoga week which was run by an Irish couple in stunning Morocco.

Yoga in Morocco

I am standing precariously on my right leg, desperately trying to ignore the excruciating pain that’s shooting briskly down my left leg as I extend it while holding onto my other foot.

I know that I’m about to topple over any minute. But still the woman in front of me calmly invites me to breathe deeply and “relax the face”. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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Body and Soul Escapes

Yogatraveller, Ko Phi Phi Thailand by Hana Borrowman

Yogatraveller provides healthy, truly holistic holidays in a postcard-perfect setting for those who like to do a little more than lounge in paradise. Breaks from the more typically serene beach routine include the fantastically fun twice daily yoga sessions in two gorgeous on-site locations as well as diving, rock climbing and a number of other adventurous pursuits.

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