“We have returned from our holiday...often when you look forward to something a lot, it is easy to be disappointed. I am writing to let you know we had the best of times - an absolutely amazing holiday experience. The Riad is lovely, Delphine is a joy - great fun and so friendly. The rooms
were clean and pretty, the food was delicious ( and my dietary needs were
effortlessly accommodated ) and the staff were so helpful and pleasant.
The resort itself is a great place and the location brilliant - in town but
no hustle and bustle unless you went to look for it. So many shops and
restaurants, amazing beaches too!
The yoga was excellent - Laila is a very experienced teacher and set the
level just right - it was very beneficial, interesting and relaxing. She was
a great support and answered our many questions about everything!
Thank you so much and thanks to Laila, and Delphine and the staff at the
Raid Asmitou, we had wonderful holiday and a good old laugh. Thanks to you for finding such a good place.
I will gladly recommend this holiday.
Kind regards
Tanya.” Tanya Mitchell