Michelle Moroney

“The thing I love most about yoga is that it gives me a way to make a difference in the world! I know that, through yoga, I can help guide people from a stressed and unbalanced life – to a position of strength, self-awareness, peace and positive thinking. I want every guest to leave a Yoga Traveller experience feeling stronger, inside and out: strength that will show in every aspect of their daily life.”Michelle Moroney

Michelle Moroney YogaMichelle takes ancient philosophy, teamed with current alignment principles and spiced with a bit of fun to make up her own unique teaching style. She uses themes and everyday concepts in her classes – to help make sure you find the work relevant, accessible and relatable.

“What I’m really interested in is how we can take the lessons we learn on the mat and take them out into the world. How yoga can help us in our everyday lives by being more present, more aware and not taking ourselves too seriously”.

Michelle’s approach as a yoga teacher is informative and challenging – yet always friendly and fun. She is warm and welcoming and makes sure to create a safe place where you can explore yourself in all aspects of your being: body, mind and soul:

So what’s the take-out?

  • You’ll find that you will not only progress in your yoga practice and take skills and knowledge with you – but you will also embrace a higher awareness and acceptance of yourself that will resonate within all areas of your life.
  • Through physically challenging vinyasa-based classes, Michelle helps you draw on your core connection to build strength and flexibility. By using intelligent yoga concepts explained in Michelle’s straightforward trademark style, you learn how to use your body more safely and effectively.
  • In Michelle’s de-stressing yin-based classes, you will be guided to tune in to your true self through deep core connection and breath – learning how to relax, open and restore yourself to a state of balance.

Michelle loves meeting new and different people – believing that she always learns as much as she teaches. Which is why she also loves the fact that her study of yoga will be a life-long, ever-learning, ever-growing experience. She’s looking forward to meeting you.